Exhibiting Artists 2012

Paul Scott CowmeadowI curate a show of ceramic art in and around my installations, and I am always on the lookout for new artists, which is an exciting process. This year, fifteen established ceramists have been invited to exhibit, offering a singular overview of contemporary ceramic practice.

Paul Scott Printed Ceramics

Sarah Walton Garden Ceramics

Myung Nam An Ceramics

Renee Kilburn Sculptural Ceramics

Annette Bugansky Textured Porcelain

Vanessa Conyers Studio Ceramics

Amy Cooper Porcelain Lighting

Ami Derbyshire Sculptural Ceramics

Mandee Gage Ceramic Sculpture

Mickey Wolters Ceramics

Natalia Dias Sculptural Ceramics

Lisa Krigel Ceramics and Mixed Media

Chris Murphy Sculptural Ceramics

Camilla Webb Carter 3D Tiles

Liz Emtage Ceramic Lighting

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