Comments from Visitors to The Ceramic House 2013

Just a small selection of what visitors had to say about The Ceramic House this year…

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‘This is what open houses should be about! Stunning house – a whole new concept.’

‘The most amazing house I have visited in six years of doing the trail’

‘Really enjoyed ‘The Ceramic House” by far the best exhibit in the Open Houses 2013.’


‘WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW x10000000 it’s truly amazing here, brilliant!!!!!’

‘Never seen a house like this before -probably never will see one like this again.’

‘We are really pleased that we chose to visit this house as our only visit to any open houses this year. Thank you. Very beautiful.’

‘A repeat visit, from last year. But I couldn’t resist. Excelling as ever.’

‘Defies words!’

comments 2‘Charleston – eat your heart out’

‘The most amazing house I’ve ever visited & a stunning collection of work’

‘Truly amazing – you are an inspiration. Thank you for sharing this.’

‘Mind blowing!! feast for the eyes’

‘Well! Wow Wow Wow meow! Woof very very lovely! The best’

‘Top house – rich range of terrific work – stunned!’

‘Incredible! 1st Open house of the year – the rest now have a lot to live up to!’

‘Thank you for opening up to the public and sharing so much beauty!’

‘Amazing works it’s like peeking into another world’

‘Magical! Details! An amazing atmosphere created. Beautiful work!’

‘A fabulous eclectic range, jaw dropping’

‘Fabulous use of colour and space’

‘Wonderful “Aladdins Cave” of beautiful work!’

‘Fantastic combination of art/gallery & home’

‘Tile-tastic baby!! Most inspiring open house I’ve seen for a while’comments 1

‘l’intera casa è un’opera d’arte! Non ci sono parole per descrivere tale belezza’

“Very exciting exhibition a strong mix of decorative & conceptual work with influences from all over the world’

“Stunning! Best house easily I’ve seen this year. Great work’

‘Wonderful work – professional right thro’!’

‘We were transported to another world! Beautiful work!’

‘Very varied professional ceramic work! Worth more than MADE 2013’

‘A revelation. Hope you win this year!’

‘What an extraordinary house, garden & ceramics, stunning and beautiful.’

‘Veramente bello stimulante vivace & anche poetico. Grazie’

‘Magical miniature worlds, ceramic tapestries, fantastical baked objects’

‘I haven’t been before…! amazing… totally inspiring’

‘The most awesome ceramics – so intricate’

‘Amazing selection of ceramics beautiful environment!!’

‘Entertaining & inspiring as ever! How do you do it!!?’


Awesome stuff – saw the H&A feature & feel v. lucky to see your work in person’

‘Absolutely briliiant. So many artists, so many ideas, so much work’

‘Lovely lovely stuff. Would really like to own some of it’

‘A real treat! Many, many impressions to savour for a long while. Thank you’

‘Really inspiring! A feast for the eyes. And a great mix of work.’

‘The highlight of my day fantastic house and artists. Thanks!!!’

‘Hvor er det smukt, organisk og kreativt’

‘Wonderful – I felt the spirit of Barcelona in this house!’

‘What an amazing house! The whole experience was wonderful walking through.’

‘Amazing variety of ceramics – surprising and unexpected design ideas.’

‘Superb vision and technical ability to produce this lovely place.’

‘So worth the walk to find you! Fantastic!’

comments 3‘Quirky and interesting – right on my doorstep!’

‘Fantastically varied and colourful collection!’

‘Incredible house – wonderful variety of work, skills & imagination!’

‘Incredible, inspirational so good I had to come back again.’

‘Really really impressive’

‘I’ll swap my house for yours!!’

‘So glad to have visited. Loved talking to the artists’

“excellent show, lots to see wish I lived in this house!’

‘Wonderful! Thanks for your generosity!’

‘Amazing work – everywhere you look’

‘Absolutely amazing house and art. I want to buy everything!!’

‘Beautiful art & presentation!’

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