Dark Light exhibition (2015)


Keith Varney

DARK LIGHT presents a selection of leading ceramic artists from five continents for whom the contrast between light and dark has proved seminal in the development of their work.

Working across a range of disciplines including sculpture, vessels and wall pieces, the work selected reveals the scope and diversity present within the ceramic medium and the significance of contemporary ceramics today.

Each of the artists in DARK LIGHT is highly skilled with distinctive style, a master of their craft. Priscilla Mouritzen’s striking graphic work vibrates with intensity; stripes, dots and linear patterns sing on the surface of her pinched pots, whilst Sandy Lockwood’s volcanic black textured surfaces resonate in juxtaposition with their pure white porcelain counterparts. Keith Varney’s corrugated and meticulous sculptural forms dance for the eyes, thrilling with optical illusions and tactile allure. In contrast, Lindy Martin’s body of work speaks of ocean-encrusted excretions, her glazes crawling and creeping, cracking and weeping on the bodies beneath.

Kyung-Won Baek’s paper-thin vessels delight in their simplicity and uniformity, the discernible impressions of her fingers creating consistent and charming variations between each piece. Kumiko Kimbara Asti’s mastery of design and her ability to combine striking colour combinations within geometric structures is accomplished and considered. Tanya Gomez plays with glaze, texture and form to create an irresistible tableau of contrasting surface and subtle variation. Lucas Ferreira’s black and white porcelain wall pieces show a keen sense of precision and technical ability. And Helle Hansen’s approach of following a set of dogmatic principles exposes the delicacy and fluidity of porcelain using the crudest of tools: the cheese slicer.

This is the fifth exhibition curated by Kay Aplin in the unconventional domestic context of The Ceramic House. The choice of a black and white theme presents the work in stark contrast to the vibrant and colourful world that one experiences upon entering the living artwork that is The Ceramic House.

Exhibition photographs by Bernard G Mills. Top image (Keith Varney) by Sylvain Deleu.

Exhibiting artists

Priscilla Mouritzen S Africa/Denmark
Sandy Lockwood Australia
Keith Varney UK
Tanya Gomez UK
Kumiko Kimbara Asti Japan/Denmark
Kyung-Won Baek S.Korea
Helle Hansen Denmark
Lindy Martin UK
Lucas Ferreira Brazil/UK
J Kay Aplin UK

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