Interbeing – Listening Hands



Sept – Oct 2021

London Chinese Community Centre

In September a new sound art/performance film Listening Hands devised and created by Joseph Young will be produced in collaboration with a Vitafilms. Joseph will work with a Tai Chi master and group at London Chinese Community Centre. The film will feature Joseph’s custom made Sonic Baton instrument conducting sounds recorded in China and the visual language of the Tai Chi movement style and will be premiered on Silver Sunday (3rdOctober), a national day celebrating older people.

London Chinese Community Centre


September 2021

Film Launch 3rd Oct 2021

site visit Chinatown
site visit Chinatown
site visit Chinatown

Inter-being is a Buddhist concept that comes from the Heart Sutra and, in the context of the Interbeing project, explores the cultural connections between two seemingly very different cultures, the UK and China. By starting from a point of similarity rather than distance, we hope to foster and encourage a deeper understanding between artists from the two countries, especially at this time when the challenges of Covid-19 are pressing us towards more open international collaboration.

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Listening Hands is part of the Interbeing project – an exploration of collaborative ceramic and sound art practice in Britain and China. Throughout 2021 at The Ceramic House.

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