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Interbeing – Listening Hands



Sept – Oct 2021

London Chinese Community Centre

Listening Hands is an artist’s film devised and created by Joseph Young in collaboration with Vitafilms. Listening Hands explores the links between the T’ai Chi Ch’uan movement form and a series of field recordings made in southern China. Joseph collaborated with a Tai Chi master and group from London Chinese Community Centre to film a performance in Chinatown’s main square on 1st September 2021.

The film will feature Joseph’s custom made Sonic Baton instrument conducting sounds recorded in China and the visual language of the Tai Chi movement style and will be premiered on Silver Sunday (3rdOctober), a national day celebrating older people.

In Spring 2019, as part of a research trip in preparation for the Interbeing project, artist Joseph Young gave a short performance of field recording based sounds using his custom-designed Sonic Baton (a technological innovation developed in partnership with Dr Mike Blow) at Park 19 Residency Centre in Guangzhou, China. Comments from audience members likened Joseph’s slow, meditative performance style as similar to the tradition of T’ai Chi Ch’uan and so an idea was born for a film exploring the shared visual language of the ancient Chinese art and Joseph’s sound art practice. 

The film will be screened simultaneously in China and the UK on October 3rd 2021.

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London Chinese Community Centre
2 Leicester Court, London WC2H 7DW


1st September 12pm
Tai Chi participatory event in Chinatown main square, Gerrard St, London

Film Screenings 

3rd October 1pm (BST)
London Chinese Community Centre, 2 Leicester Court, London WC2H 7DW

5th October 3pm (CST)
Park 19 Arts Space
No 19 Mountain Village Park
Liwan District Guangzhou


Inter-being is a Buddhist concept that comes from the Heart Sutra and, in the context of the Interbeing project, explores the cultural connections between two seemingly very different cultures, the UK and China. By starting from a point of similarity rather than distance, we hope to foster and encourage a deeper understanding between artists from the two countries, especially at this time when the challenges of Covid-19 are pressing us towards more open international collaboration.

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Listening Hands is part of the Interbeing project – an exploration of collaborative ceramic and sound art practice in Britain and China. Throughout 2021 at The Ceramic House.

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