Interbeing – Neither Increasing Nor Decreasing




August – October 2021

Chiddingstone Castle

In September, Chiddingstone Castle, in collaboration with The Ceramic House, hosts a virtual exhibition, Neither Increasing Nor Decreasing, pairing art works by established Chinese ceramic artists selected by Shanghai Academy of Fine Art with objects from the castle’s Buddhist Collection. The collaboration came out of a research trip in 2019 by the Interbeing project curators Kay Aplin & Joseph Young, after they visited the Academy and met with course leader, Guanghui Chen.

In the context of the ongoing global pandemic, this virtual exhibition opens up opportunities for continuing cultural exchange and collaboration made otherwise impossible by an inability to travel in person. Audiences in Kent (and from further afield) will be able to visit the museum in person to view the objects from the Buddhist collection and remotely view the virtual Chinese objects from their smartphones. Online viewers will be able to access the exhibition via The Ceramic House website.

Chiddingstone Castle
in partnership with
The Ceramic House

Hosted online by

31 August – 31 October 2021

The artists selected by Shanghai Academy of Fine Art represent some of China’s leading ceramic artists as well as some newer, emerging artists all of whom are renowned for innovative, ground-breaking work.

Inter-being is a Buddhist concept that comes from the Heart Sutra and, in the context of INTERBEING, explores the cultural connections between two seemingly very different cultures, the UK and China. By starting from a point of similarity rather than distance, the project aims to foster and encourage a deeper understanding between countries.

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Neither Increasing Nor Decreasing is part of the Interbeing project – an exploration of collaborative ceramic and sound art practice in Britain and China. Throughout 2021 at The Ceramic House.

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