Neither Increasing nor Decreasing – Rong Sheng

Avalokiteshvara 观世音菩萨

Rong Sheng 戎盛、谢艺

Artist Biography

Rong Sheng was born in Shanghai, 1989. He achieved his MFA from Shanghai Fine Arts Academy, and is currently Faculty Member of Zhong Qiao College, Shanghai.

Exhibitions include:
2019: Solo Exhibition at C.R.E.T.A, Roma,
2017: “Mino” International Ceramic Biennial, Japan
2016: Zagreb EX-Tempore Ceramic, Zagreb, Croatia
2016: Asia Ceramics, Taipei

2019年驻地罗马c.r.e.t.a. rome
2020年作品参加“瓷的边界”72 亼青年实验场

Artist Statement

Guanyin Bodhisattva is also called Guanzizai Bodhisattva. These two different names not only point to the different incarnations of Bodhisattva, but also clearly point out that the same goal can be achieved in different ways. One is to listen to sound, and the other is to infinitely ask and observe self-identity through vision. Both of them question by moving through calmness to the sensory. Sheng’s film attempts to reveal the meaning of Guanyin Bodhisattva to the viewer.


Selected Buddhist Object from Chiddingstone Castle

01.1595 Avalokiteshvara

Avalokiteshvara, bodhisattva of compassion, gilt bronze. Avalokiteshvara is standing on a lotus base, with both hands in vitarkamudrā (teaching or debating gesture). Sino-Tibetan, 17th – 18th century.

Height: 16.5cm, Length: 7cm

This small statue depicts another form of Avalokiteshvara. His hands are raised in the teaching gesture, and his arms entwined with lotus stems. As with most depictions of bodhisattvas, he is wearing rich robes, jewellery, and a crown. A long trailing scarf hangs down from his arms and there are many fittings adorning his clothing which would have originally held semi-precious stones. Buddhas and bodhisattvas are depicted differently – the Buddha usually wears simple monk’s robes. In contrast, bodhisattvas wear luxurious clothing which symbolises both their importance and their commitment to remain in the material world to help others achieve enlightenment. The Buddha, on the other hand, is said to have left all attachment to the material world behind.

“Identify” video


Video made by XieYi