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Neither Increasing nor Decreasing – Zhou Xian-Feng

Buddhist Plaque 

Zhou Xian-Feng 周先锋

Artist Biography

Born 1979 in Xiushui, Jiangxi, China.
BFA from Jingdezhen Ceramic College in 2004
Currently teaches in Nanjing Normal University of Special Education.

Exhibitions include:

2019 “on the spot” Contemporary International Ceramic Art Exhibition, Beijing.
2019 – Contemporary Ceramic Alchemy, Nanjing.
2018 “Thing Heart” Ceramic Art Exhibition, Shenzhen.
2018 “Now and Now” Ceramic Art Exhibition, Jingdezhen.
2017 “Pain” Experimental Art Exhibition, Nanjing.
2016 the first China Contemporary Ceramic Art Exhibition, Beijing.
2016 “Starting from Nanjing – Hardship and Extension” Contemporary Art Exhibition, Nanjing.

2017 “痛苦”实验艺术展(南京)
2016 首届中国当代陶瓷艺术展(北京)

Artist Statement

My work is to record this regional and temporal crossing object in a solidified static way, as it responding to the topic of this exhibition, I hope it multiples the imaginations for this uncertain time in the way of future archaeology.
This object is continuing my previous practice of “future archaeology” series. I will make three (A4 size) white wrinkled thin ceramic pads, take the image of our chat records about the exhibition from screen shots, and make it as decal, I will transfer them on the wrinkled porcelain pieces, eventually presenting the temporary talk in solidified ceramic text.

延续我之前《未来考古》的做法 ,先制作三个(A4大小)薄如纸的白色带皱纹的陶瓷, 将关于此次展览的聊天记录(上面的三张聊天截屏)做成花纸,转印到有褶皱的瓷片上二次烧造,以固化的陶瓷文本的样式呈现。一是回应这次展览选题,二是将这种跨区域、跨时空的(过去与当下,中国与英国)的对应关系以一种凝固的静态方式记录下来,以未来考古的方式给予这种不确定性以诸多想象

Selected Buddhist Object from Chiddingstone Castle

01.1582 Buddhist Plaque

Buddhist plaque, bronze, on a modern stand. The plaque depicts a seated Buddha on one side and Chinese text in relief on the other. China.

Height: 13cm

The inscription on this small bronze plaque reveals that it was commissioned by a Buddhist donor and was dedicated to their parents in the hope of gaining good karma. The seal above the image of the Buddha reads zisun shouyi, 子孙长宜, which means to bestow blessings generation upon generation. The donor would have had this plaque made most likely as an offering to a temple, in the hopes that their parents and descendants would gain merit or good karma for many years to come.

"Future Archaeology"


Stoneware with decal transfers