Towards The Light

Towards The Light

Regency Town House
7-29 May 2022

Kay Aplin & Joseph Young have been selected for the special 40th anniversary exhibition curated by Artists Open Houses, Towards The Light. Their collaborative work Fire & Water will be on display at the stunning Regency Townhouse throughout May 2022.

Fire & Water

Fire and Water builds on Kay’s cross disciplinary collaboration with sound artist Joseph Young. Fire and Water was created for Collect Open in 2019. Both artists responded to the landscape at the Victoria Spring in Borines, Asturias. Kay used a digital microscope to magnify the micro flora growing around the spring as the basis for her tile-based designs, which she fired in a wood fired kiln. Joseph utilised binaural recording techniques to produce an immersive soundscape featuring the sounds of the spring and the anagama firing in which the ceramics were fired.

The soundscape accompanies Kay’s floor mounted roundels of Asturian Flora in soda woodfired and oxidized porcelain. The two-channel sound piece by Joseph Young is accessed via a QR code in the Regency Townhouse.

Regency Town House
13 Brunswick Square,

7-29 May 2022

11am – 5pm

Towards the Light

2022 is the 40th anniversary of Artists Open Houses which was initiated by Ned Hoskins and this year is a tribute to him. The Ceramic House is in Fiveways, where the Open Houses movement began, and over the years it has grown to encompass all parts of the city, out to Ditchling and to several villages and towns across the Downs. It is a tribute is to the strength of Ned Hoskins’ original idea that the festival continues to build and flourish and is now in its 40th year.

The theme of this exhibition, Towards the Light, is taken from the title of one of Ned Hoskins’ paintings. The exhibition invited submissions, connecting to the theme, from all artists taking part this year in the Artists Open Houses festival.

Ned was distinctly inspired by the environment, seeking out nature and places to wander whenever possible; from his early days at art school in Harrogate where he painted on the Yorkshire Moors, through to his time in California, Europe and more locally, where his work took frequent inspiration from the South Downs. As we all look towards brighter moments after recent restrictions, Ned’s work, actions and legacies offer a fabulous opportunity to remember how important it is to take risks, make art and work with your community.

Ned Hoskins was a trailblazer who started something so pertinent that its relevance resonates as strongly today as 40 years ago. As artists continue to seek ways to show their work, support each other and build a stronger art sector, Artists Open Houses is proud to spotlight the inspiring actions of Ned Hoskins who, 40 years ago, created a movement enabling access to art for everyone, by simply opening his front door and inviting the public inside to view his work.

Exhibiting artists:

  • Kay Aplin & Joseph Young,
  • Jennifer Beresford
  • Melissa Birch
  • Becky Blair
  • Bob and Eve
  • Abigail Bowen
  • Lucy Bristow
  • Lucy Cooper
  • Amy Dury
  • Miranda Ellis
  • Eve Gnoyke
  • Ned Hoskins
  • Mami Houlton
  • Emily Jolley
  • Claire Knill
  • Debbie Lawrence
  • Jon Mills
  • Catriona Muir
  • Dion Salvador Lloyd
  • Kate Scott
  • Ali Stringell
  • Sophie Wake
  • Laurence Wallace
  • Jo Watters-Pawlowski