June 2023

Kay Aplin and Joseph Young were invited to undertake a residency at Interface, which is located in the spectacular Inagh Valley in Connemara, Co. Galway, Ireland, for the month of June.

Following on from their previous collaborative practice, they worked in parallel, researching and gathering information to inform a new body of work for exhibition at Wexford Arts Centre and Watts Gallery in 2024. Their findings will be developed into new work whilst the artists are in residence at Watts Gallery for 3 months in autumn 2023.

Joseph made field recordings documenting the landscape, which he will then use as base material to create a new piece for Wexford Arts Centre and contribute to a sound trail he will curate for Watts Gallery Artists Village.

Kay investigated the geology and ecology of the coastline, bogs and mountains of Connemara to produce a multi-layered ceramic installation magnifying the visual strata of the landscape. She will develop the work in clay whilst in residence at Watts Gallery later in the year and plans to wood fire the end results for display in Wexford and Watts.

Interface, The Inagh Valley Trust, Cloonacartan, Recess, Co. Galway

June 2023

Sharing event & performance

Saturday 24th June 2pm

Interface is located in a former salmon hatchery in a very remote location surrounded by the Twelve Pins mountain range and the lakes of Derryclare and Inagh. The residency took place during the month of June, and the artists were blessed with unusually good weather, which provided the perfect conditions for them to spend most of their time out of doors, exploring the landscape, documenting, recording and collecting. The following photo galleries show various aspects of their investigations, places they visited, what caught their eyes and ears and activities in and around the residency centre. 



Mountains, Bogs and Lakes






Joseph Young recording

Kay Aplin researching


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