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The Joy of Isolation, 2020

To accompany the exhibition JOY, four sound artists created improvised musical/sonic performances in response to the theme The Joy of Isolation compiled into an album available on cassette and as a digital download. Created in partnership with Aural Detritus. The album is available on Bandcamp here.

To celebrate the launch of “The Joy of Isolation” album, Aural Detritus founder Paul Khimasia Morgan focused on the album in a blog post. He chatted to participant BLANCA REGINA about her latest projects, her multi-media working practice and played material from her brand new album on Unpredictable Series with STEVE BERESFORD, “What Blue”. Plus sounds from EMBLA QUICKBEAM, STRAY TRANSMISSION, KURONEKO, UPWARD and JOSEPH YOUNG.

Blog post on Mixcloud:

The album was launched at our virtual opening on the 21st November 2020. Paul Khimasia Morgan, Blanca Regina and Joseph Young talked about their working processes and inspiration for their interpretation of The Joy of Isolation.

Made in Korea, 2017 

The installations by Kyung Won Baek and Jin Kim and by Kay Aplin presented at British Ceramics Biennial 2017 for Made in Korea evoked a cultural conversation between UK and Korean ceramic traditions, further linked by Joseph Young’s Handmade Automation, composed of the sounds of hand-made clay making processes recorded in artists’ studios in Korea and industrialised ceramic production in factories in Stoke-on-Trent, creating a multi-layered soundscape. Link to the Handmade Automation below.


Three UK-based and three Seoul-based sound artists engaged in a sonic dialogue curated by Joseph Young on a GPS-triggered audio guide featuring compositions that use the ceramic making processes as its source sounds, with the sounds discoverable at iconic locations in Stoke-on-Trent and Seoul. It launched at BCB, offering visitors a unique 3D audio experience of Stoke and its historic manufacturing legacy. Download the app available on IOS and Android and search for Celadonaphonic. The sounds can be downloaded and listened to offline.

Sound artists
Joseph Young
Hankil Ryu
Sehee Choi
Jez riley-French
Young Eun Kim
Jason Singh

In A Shetland Landscape, 2015

A collaboration between Kay Aplin and Joseph Young following a residency at Scalloway Booth in 2015.

The exhibition responded to the Shetland landscape through an immersive 4-channel sound installation that takes the listener on a sweeping journey through the unique sounds of land and sea, accompanied by a series of ceramic panels inspired by the indigenous “micro-flora” of Shetland, magnified to produce delicate designs of vibrant colour and texture.

An excerpt of Joseph Young’s sound installation on Soundcloud below. The full album is available on Greenfield Recordings.

Landscape : Islands

Base Sound :: Sonic Gold, 2011

In 2011 The Ceramic House was part of HOUSE Biennial. Joseph Young was commissioned by HOUSE to create a sound installation for iPods. Base Sound :: Sonic Gold was composed entirely of sounds recorded in Kay’s studio and visitors were offered aural and visual sensory experiences into the world of ceramics. Listen on Soundcloud below.