The Ceramic House is no ordinary dwelling. It is a personal story reflecting Kay Aplin’s taste in art and her desire to be surrounded by beautiful things, and not just objects, but the whole house as the artwork. Since 2010, Kay has been gradually covering surfaces throughout the house and garden with extraordinary tiled installations, creating a very rich, tactile, fantastical space.

Trained as a public artist, Kay has spent over twenty five years creating site-specific commissions for the public realm, working predominantly in architectural ceramics. Often her work is sited in remote places and only viewable in photographic form for the majority of the population. The idea to create a showcase of her installations was to offer the opportunity to see, touch and feel her work in a living and lived-in context, as Kay considers especially important the sensory tactile experience of her trademark relief tiles.

Many of the installations at The Ceramic House have been made using left over tiles from Kay’s many commissions; in other cases, she has recreated new versions of existing work. For this reason, each feature is named after the original and there are very few pieces that have been designed from scratch for The Ceramic House.

Click on an image to see a gallery of each feature.

Gorseinon wall relief
Llanbradach Follies Wall Relief
Bolt Court Wall Relief
Tudor Kitchen
Bamboo Bathroom
Barcelona Stained Glass Blue
Barcelona Stained Glass Red
Beach Blanket Babylon Bar
In Camera Gallery Features
Burdon Moor
Chelsea Light Boxes
Copenhagen Wall Relief
Llanbradach Spires Bathroom
Portuguese Bathroom
Mosaic flooring
Utility Room
Asturias Gateway
Blackberry Hill Terrace
Tiled Tables
Fireplace Hearths
Tiled terraces