Bud Cascade by Kay Aplin 


Bud Cascade by Kay Aplin

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This is from Kay Aplin’s Botanical Structures series, originally designed in residence at Guldagergaard International Work Centre in Denmark in 2014, part of Kay’s Denmark-UK exchange project which included the Fantastic Tales Danish contemporary ceramics exhibition at The Ceramic House. Kay exhibition various versions of Botanical Structures at The Ceramic House, the Regency Townhouse, Brighton and at European Ceramic Context in Bornholm, Denmark, all in in 2014. She has also been commissioned to create Botanical Structures wall pieces for private houses and gardens. If you are interested in commissioning something for your space please contact Kay and view examples here.

Botanical Structures consists of a number of floral designs rendered in slip cast porcelain and glazed in oxidised firings and soda wood firings in Denmark.

Title: Bud Cascade
Medium: Oxidised porcelain
Dimensions: 12 cm high

These tiles are all unique. Can be hung on a wall with a fixing attached direct to the tile or available mounted on perspex with aluminium stand offs.