In recent years, Kay has been designing large scale wall pieces for exhibition and to commission. Her signature series Botanical Structures is a body of work Kay developed in residence in Denmark in 2013/14. Kay’s work responds to place, a legacy of her background as a public artist. The components in this series are inspired by the Danish summer landscape.

Botanical Structures was developed as a series of large-scale wall-mounted installation pieces, each an assemblage of multiple components filling a linear space. The size and shape of this space is flexible and has changed each time according to the site. Working in slip-cast porcelain, the glaze palette is a combination of oxidization and soda wood firing; the latter a chance decision to try something new that produced astonishing and beautiful results.

Botanical Structures has been exhibited in varying forms in the UK and at European Ceramic Context, Denmark. Versions have been commissioned for private clients, custom designed for the site and accommodating colour preference. Botanical Structures is the first development in a new line of Kay’s architectural ceramics work inspired by flora, available on commission. The delicate plant-like pieces can be arranged in myriad formations and provide a stunning focal point for any space, interior or exterior. Also available mounted on perspex individually and in compositions, suitable for internal and external walls.

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