As always, we were inundated with positive comments. A selection of this year’s best follows:

“Best Open House I’ve ever seen and I’ve been viewing open houses for a long time”

“I don´t know how you have managed to create an even more amazing exhibition than last year, but you have. There´s some fantastic pieces, beautiful creations and the live installations were fab. I believe you are re-inventing ceramics with your architectural pieces and colour schemes and one day Kay Aplin with be part of the British national heritage as one of the most important artists within your field!!”

“I thought the house looked wonderful and there was a real sense of occasion – I love the fact that you brought installations and performance into the concept of an open house and think this both added to the experience as well as complimented the work. When an open house works well you get a sense of the flow of the artist, their creative life and their domestic life and your house is abundant in this. The Ceramic House also successfully weaves in domestic scale works into the architectural and is a stunning showcase for some diverse, stunning ceramic works. ”

” This open house is set to be the most spectacular this Brighton Festival. Having watched the transformation in the last 2 years of this house, it was amazing to see it all in action last weekend. The combination of Kay’s permanent, unique installations with other artists’ visually asthetic and inspirational pieces was a good evening out …and a real motivation to buy some of it and bring it back home! ”

“It was great seeing your inner and outer home come alive with colour and clever 3 dimensional ceramic design. A real pleasure to see and experience. It’s certainly a must see for this year’s Brighton & Hove Open House!”

“Kay Aplin’s house is unique in the Brighton Open Houses, its the ONLY house committed to CERAMICS with an interesting display of different practices and different ways of making coming together under ONE roof.”

“Kay Aplin’s Private View was a terrific occasion – a real party, put together with the same imaginative flair that typifies all Kay’s projects and ceramic commissions. The house was packed with enthusiasts from Brighton, London and beyond. Many of her guest ceramicists were on hand to talk about their work, which was an added bonus, and the performance art enhanced both Kay’s permanent installations and the artistic atmosphere of the house.

The Ceramic House, created by Kay Aplin, is a most original and apt way of displaying her work. Everything has been made and installed to a very high standard. It should be an inspiration to others.

Alongside her work as a ceramic artist – which is already widely recognised – Kay runs and promotes her business with admirable efficiency. And it all comes naturally! She deserves to go from strength to strength.” Lianne Jarrett, LJA Associates

“The house looked amazing (as did you in that fabulous dress!), your ceramic reliefs inside and out were absolutely stunning, and the other artists’ work complimented the space perfectly.  Mandee’s grotto in the basement was eerie and magical in equal measure, and the gimps in tights and soundscape added a whole other unsettling but mesmerising dimension…I loved the bubble-wrapped bather on the top floor, your Michelin-starred canapés were out of this world…All in all, a top day – and night – out.  I hope to visit again!”

“First of all thank you again for the warm welcome you gave us during the Grand Opening. It was a formidable experience for me and the exhibition was fantastic. My suggestion, based on our own experience is that it  would be very interesting to use the exhibition as an oppportunity  to foster new collaborations between artists of different media and  ceramic artists. Just like music, for example, which is an artform in itself but benefits greatly from a synergetic connection to other fields of expression I believe the ceramic artists would also benefit from this  link.”

“Fabulous work. Every room has a wow factor.”

“The best house I have ever stepped inside. More than just tiles and ceramics, a brilliant coherent gallery. Absolutely love it!”

“A wonderland of fantastical ceramic pieces sitting harmoniously together”

“Your house had stayed with me! The design the boldness the colours. So creative original and stylish! I look forward to more looking next week!”

“Your house is mad! It’s like the Alhambra after it’s taken acid!” Andrew Kay, Latest Magazine

“Thank you, beautifully presented, great selection of work, artistry, creativity, sunshine and inspiration!”

“A fabulous display that spills out of the house and takes over every crevice. Plus a lovely warm welcome. What more can you ask for?”

“What a wonderful way to spend a summer afternoon. Many congratulations on a most extraordinary Open House.”

“Stunning display of wonderful things and a very warm welcome. Thanks for all the hard work and friendly atmosphere!”

“The most interesting, exciting, stimulating Open House”

“Definitely the best open house in town”

“A surprise in every room.”

“A very quirky one-off sublime house – I love it!”

“Amazing work – fantastic space to live in.”

“Head and shoulders above anything else I’ve seen – quite beautiful.”

” Kay is just nuclear powered! What most people aspire to achieve in five years and don’t, Kay achieves in one.”

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