The Ceramic House is an artist’s home. It is also a pop-up gallery where world-class artists are invited to participate in something slightly out of the ordinary. We always seek a mix of emerging and established appropriate to each theme and previous exhibitors have included established artists such as Sandy Brown, Paul Scott and Priscilla Mouritzen as well as up-and-coming artists such as Malene Hartmann Rasmussen, Delfina Emmanuel and Jin Eui Kim.

For every exhibition Kay Aplin has curated at The Ceramic House, a new group of artists has been selected. Initially inviting artists known personally, Kay has built up her stable of artists through meticulous research and through visiting fairs, shows, exhibitions and biennials as well as meeting artists on residencies and at symposia and conferences.

Artists are listed by the exhibition. Click on an image to access the artist’s page.

JOY, The Ceramic House

Sten Lykke Madsen
Priscilla Mouritzen
Robert Cooper

Afsaneh Monemi
Chris Barnes
Virginia Graham
Philomena Pretsell
Janina Myronova
Rūta Bartkevičiūtė
Katie Netley

Made in Korea, The Ceramic House

Bo Kyung Kim
Chun Bok Lee
Eui Jeong Yoo
Hye Mi Lee
Wook Jae Maeng
Sang Woo Kim
Sun Kim
Jung Eun Han
Min Soo Lee
Myung Nam An
Jong Jin Park
Veronica Juyoun Byun
Jae Jun Lee
Jin Eui Kim

Made in Korea International Residency, British Ceramics Biennial

Kyung Won Baek
Jin Kim
Kay Aplin
Joseph Young

Landscape : Islands, Contemporary Ceramics about Landscape, The Ceramic House

Paul Scott
Delfina Emmanuel
Owen Quinlan
Carolyn Genders
Patricia Shone
Charlotte Thorup
Ingibjörg Guðmundsdóttir
Anne Marie Jacobs
Andrew Appleby
John Jacobs

Landscape : Islands – An Exploration into Ceramics and Sound International Residency, Phoenix Brighton

Anne Lykke
Ingibjörg Guðmundsdóttir
Mike Blow
Iris Garrelfs

In A Shetland Landscape, In Camera Gallery

Kay Aplin
Joseph Young

DARK/LIGHT – Black and White Contemporary Ceramics, The Ceramic House

Priscilla Mouritzen
Sandy Lockwood
Keith Varney
Tanya Gomez
Lindy Martin
Lucas Ferreira
Kumiko Kimbara Asti
Kay Aplin

Fantastic Tales – Contemporary Danish Ceramics, The Ceramic House

Sten Lykke Madsen
Mette Maya Gregersen
Christin Johansson
Pia Lund Hansen
Karen Harsbo
Lone Skov Madsen
Louise Gaarmann
Asger Kristensen
Helle Hansen
Malene Hartmann Rasmussen
Anne Nielsen
Turi Heisselberg Pedersen
Jane Holmberg
Heidi Hentze
Lone Borgen
Charlotte Thorup

The Ceramic House 2013

Sandy Brown
Robert Dawson
Simone Perrotte
Ferri Farahmandi
Mayumi Yamashita
Belgin Bozsahin
Rebecca Symons
Joanna Mires
Rebecca Fairman
Renee Kilburn
Dana Lazarus-Cass
Landon Peck
Anna Collette Hunt
Remon Jephcott
Tamar Rose
Jessica Joslin
Matthew David Marsh
Melanie Roseveare

The Ceramic House 2012

Paul Scott
Sarah Walton
Myung Nam An
Natalia Dias
Annette Bugansky
Amy Cooper
Vanessa Conyers
Ami Derbyshire
Camilla Webb Carter
Mickey Wolters

Public Art in a Private Place, The Ceramic House

Sara Moorhouse
Anne Gibbs
Lisa Krigel
Mandee Gage
Alice Walton
Chris Murphy
David Price
Angela Speight
Tanya Lanmantia
Emma Sutherland

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