Afsaneh Monemigraduated with a BA from the University of Arts & Crafts, Tehran and completed her MA in Ceramic Art from Gothenburg University in 1989. Since 2002 she has had many solo exhibitions in Sweden and has won multiple awards.  In 2019, she was selected for 5rd Biennial International Competition in Ascoli Piceno in Italy.

Afsaneh declares

‘I was born in Tehran year 3500, arrived inSweden on a September day 1990. As you see, I
have already passed a time, a dimension.Like many artists I value the culture that defines who I am. Living abroad has enabled me to observe the characteristics of my culture as an outsider enabled me to reflect my culture in a more detached manner.’

She says of her work

‘”A Daydreamer” is based on my fantasies and my secret daydreaming. It’s about a woman who turns into a bird through her daydreams.
It’s all about transformations that release positive energy. like a shaman who typically enters into a trance state during a ritual. In “A Daydreamer” humans and birds escape into an bird dance and bird song during this ritual.’