Annika Teder

Annika Teder has a long and impressive track record working in the ceramic field. Since 1986 she has been a member of the Estonian Artists’ Association and since 1994 of the IAC (International Academy of Ceramics, Geneva). Currently she is a lecturer at the Estonian Art Academy.

Solo shows include “Unrepeatable Reoccurrences” at HOP Gallery, Tallinn and “Time Capsules” at EDTM, Estonia. International exhibitons include New Orientalia, IAC New Taipei City, Yingge Ceramics; East and West Invitational Exhibition “Heritage and Diversity” at Hanyang University, Korea and “Eastern Europe Collection” Fuping, China.

In 2018 she won the “Martinsons Award” at the 2nd Latvian International Ceramic Biennale. 

Annika has works in museums and private collections in several European countries, USA, Canada, Jamaica, Japan (Seto, Takeo), China (Fuping), Korea (Incheon).

Annika Teder’s works consist of dimensional figures, each of which embodies an emotion, thought or experience of the artist, and serve beauty and fantasy. One of the focal points of Annika’s work is a love for expressive form and texture. In general, she prefers to work through the medium by way of creating extensive series that are then exhibited in solo exhibitions. Each series focuses on developing a single concept.

“Thinking through the Hand”

“Clay is a part of the earth and the mother of all life. Clay is actually earth. The process of making ceramics involves an interaction between matter and the human hand. The very act of creation nurtures the human spirit, and this spirit gives birth to art.”

Annika Teder’s website

Annika Teder​​ is one of the artists in Peripheries, an exhibition of contemporary Estonian ceramics, part of EDGES, The Ceramic House – find out more