Asger Kristensen graduated from Kolding School of Design, Denmark in 1984, where he subsequently lectured from 1992 – 2004. He works with elusive ceramic objects in clay and glaze, describing the contradictions in the meeting between concrete form and abstract structure – the sensitive and sensually discovered.

2The objects are modelled and extruded tubes that are composed. Some objects are painted with clays and stay raw and dry, while others are glazed – in many cases with multiple layers of glazes, and sometimes they have to be glazed and fired repeatedly.

This minimalist expression continues to be a theme in his work using this technique. In contrast, he has worked with more colourful objects where the glazes are allowed to unfold on built structures of rolled clay sticks, wrapped with gauze soaked in clay.

3The inspiration is nature, especially the tree and its symbolism, but also the physical/organic, almost human forms.

Asger is represented in museums and private collections, including National Museum, Edinburgh. Exhibitions include Galleri Nørby Copenhagen, Barn Galleries, Collect in the Country Aston UK and he received The Danish Arts and Crafts Award of 1879 in 2000.

Asger Kristensen’s website 1

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