Untitled1. copyBelgin Bozsahin was born and brought up in Turkey and has been living in London for the last 24 years. She has exhibited in Istanbul, London, Bergen and on the QE2 liner. Many of her works are in private collections in Turkey, UK, Ireland, Portugal and the USA.Beneath the Surface Series- Untitled - II copy

Fountain 72Drawing on the themes of existence, self and identity Belgin creates sculptural body casts, wall pieces and installation. Working with such powerful themes, she is able to draw on personal understanding and knowledge that helps her relate and communicate with others.

Life shapes us like a sculptor; what constitutes the material boundary of the body – the skin, is embellished with a patina that has built up over a lifetime of experience.

Her Beneath the Surface wall series examines the notion of continuing evolution and change; that things are not perfectly smooth, spotless or still. She says that her work is about the contrast between inside and out and the tension this creates. Perhaps the work epitomises the dynamic force inherent in all of life’s many layers weaving its magic allowing textures to morph and create anew.

sun-variable colour copyThe Bouquet series comprises individually shaped porcelain pieces that are hand painted in deep cobalt blues, crimson reds and lime greens and are mounted on a backing following their natural flow. She employs different techniques in order to deliver her own interpretation of the motifs of the period.

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