04-thorupCharlotte Thorup lives and works on the island of Bornholm, Denmark. She graduated in 2000 from the Glass and Ceramic School of Bornholm.

“My work has its origins in the fundamental qualities of clay.

Leaving traces and marks from the creative process in each work preserves the characteristics of clay as a material.

My ideas arise from a fascination with recurring patterns, dimensions and continuity. This finds expression in my works, where adding module to module leads to new shapes, merging small entities into a larger whole.

I use both porcelain and stoneware clay in my work to support the materials’ inherent duality of strength and fragility.

My ceramic works should resonate with the onlooker at a sensory level, creating the potential for interaction through basic elements of existence, such as contrast, space, light and shade.

The works are designed to be wall-hung. This invites the viewer to see them from different angles, whereupon new balances and connections emerge.

The works are fired in a gas kiln, as this makes it possible to create a reducing atmosphere. As this process is somewhat unpredictable, it helps evoke the unique nature of each individual work.”

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