Charlotte Thorup low res 1Charlotte Thorup graduated in 2000 and has exhibited widely, most recently in Definition Gallery in Helsinki and the Masterpieces exhibition at Ann Linnemann Gallery in Copenhagen. She has won many scholarships and undertaken international residencies, including the Aberystwyth Potters Festival in Wales.

8.Thorup,clos up wallpiece low resFor the last 6 years she has been developing ceramic wall pieces, combining the contrasting materials of stoneware and porcelain and fired in a reduction atmosphere in a gas kiln.

4.Thorup-close up wallpiece low res

This is how she describes her work:

One repetition after another.

One module after another.

A shape – a sound which continues.

My fascination with this.

Noticing the slight variation in the repetition.

An anomaly, a shadow or an imperfectness.

Precisely disturbing the monotonous balance – and infusing the works with life in return.

Charlotte Thorup’s websiteCharlotte Thorup-low res

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