Ene Raud-Mägi

Ene Raud-Mägi is a ceramics designer who has focused on porcelain ceramics in her creative practice. She obtained an MA in ceramics from the Estonian Academy of Arts. Raud-Mägi studied ceramics as an exchange student at Aalto University, Finland. A member of the Estonian Ceramists Union and the Estonian Association of Designers, Raud-Mägi has received several awards, including the Special Award at the contest “Laste Asi 2019” (“Kid’s Thing 2019”) held by the Estonian Design House and the Special Award at the contest “Väike asi” (“Small Thing”) by the Estonian Design House. Her most important collaboration projects have been with Virgio Ceramics and Tamma Design. During the past few years, she has developed and produced KOSU series in ARS Ceramics Centre.

Ene Raud-Mägi creates porcelain works that offer the observer multiple emotional viewpoints. She finds minimalist organic shapes that allow the observer to project and infuse the artwork with their mood. Each glance can provide something new.

Drawing inspiration from mythology and nature, the pieces tell the story of the ancient goddesses of the sea in a new way: daring, sensual, and modern. Influenced by sea shells, the shapes of the vases evoke the flowing lines of a female body and the ever-changing patterns and curves of sea waves. Just as if being on the wave crest, catching whispers of the wind in the eternal flow.

“Wave” captures the powerful upward surge of water, the thrill of being on top of a wave. “Flow” seeks to embody the rocking motion of the waves.

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Ene Raud-Mägi is one of the artists in Peripheries, an exhibition of contemporary Estonian ceramics, part of EDGES, The Ceramic House – find out more