Yung Cheuk Eugene Chung


Eugene first discovered working with clay when he was taught to handbuild by an art

school teacher in 2010. Regard to the shortage of ceramics courses in Hong Kong, he later then moved to London and studied for a bachelor’s degree in Central Saint Martins (2016), a master’s degree in Royal College of Art in ceramics (2018).


As the son of garage owner and mechanician from Hong Kong. Eugene spent most of his childhood time observing his father crafting and reassembling car components, rather than showing interest in pursuing his father path he found it more as an inspiration for his ceramics works. The elements of shapes and forms of machinery alongside his father’s craftsmanship subconsciously accustomed artist to mechanical rhythms, structures and the sharp- sweet smelling gas in the air.


In 2018, Eugene moved to an isolated former industry hub – Silvertown. A borough of London, surrounded by derelict and dilapidated refineries linked with intertwining pipelines. The aromas of the few remaining industrial plants in the area stimulate his inner compulsion to capture the purity of designed components and recompositing it with his illustrations, a surreal mix of fact and fantasy.