Jane Jermyn

Jane Jermyn began studying ceramics in her mid 40’s, receiving her MA from the National College of Art, Dublin in 2009. She has travelled the world taking part in  Symposia, Workshops and Residencies in over 15 countries including Cuba, Siberia, much of Europe and South Africa, as well as demonstrating at International ceramics festivals in the UK, Japan, South Korea and India. Jane has exhibited in numerous exhibitions in Ireland and abroad.  Since 2017 she has been an elected member of the International Academy of Ceramics based in Geneva and has recently been selected for the Homo Faber Guide curated by the Michelangelo Foundation.

Jane says of her work,

I have always been interested and inspired by nature and organic forms.  Over the past couple of years I have become fascinated by the work of Ernst Haeckel, the 19thC German naturalist and polymath.  His publication “Art Forms in Nature” is a continuing source of inspiration.  I was initially drawn to his illustrations of radiolarians, single cells organisms whose skeletons are mainly composed of silica. Silica, along with alumina, is one of the main components of clay. I enjoy the challenge of trying to interpret some of his illustrations through the medium of clay.