Jenny Chan

Jenny is a ceramicist who creates figurative sculptures.  Born in Hong Kong, settled in the UK in 2014 and based at Yorkshire Artspace, Sheffield, UK.

Jenny crafts unique and thought-provoking figurative sculptures, with a focus on women faces and the stories behind them.  Her self-taught clay journey started in her mid 50s as an escape from depression, working with clay gives her a sense of focus, peace and fulfilment to beat anxiety.  

Guiding her work has always been an inner focus on things that are important to Jenny – integrity, honesty and above all a woman trying to find peace and self-worth within.  Jenny’s design are very much guided by her surroundings of the day, something she may have read or seen on TV.  The face mask series based on BBC100 Women are modelling on some famous people and some entwined with imaginary characters.  Each sculpture has their unique facial expression and their own story.