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Lone Borgen established her workshop in Denmark after graduating from Croydon College of Art in 1976. She has been teaching part time for over 15 years at Kolding school of Design and has been a member of the Danish Craft Society since 1978. A recipient of multiple awards and grants, she has exhibited in museums and galleries around the world. Lone Borgen(M) 023 copy

The potter’s wheel is the starting point for her ceramic pieces that she combines with ceramic digital transfers and modelled structures. Her work varies from functional to non functional, and each piece is unique, expressing a story or fairytale.P1040465 copy

While she uses a variety of ceramic materials  and processes in each object, her methodology is consistent. Often these objects are combined with  features such as mundane objects, using ceramic digital transfers or modelled structures to establish the contrast between the real and surreal.

Lone’s influences are symbols that she has observed from her travels around the world. Nature, often in decay, and the subconscious mind.

She says that working with ceramic material has been the most consistent thing in her life.

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