Lone Skov Madsen has been practising since the 1980s and her solo shows include Puls Galllery, Belgium, and Carlin Galllery, Paris, in addition to many group shows around the world.

The forms in Lone Skov Madsen´s world are issued in what are frequently very extended series. There is a clear connection between the consistency that she establishes in her  investigations of surfaces, material and ornamentalism and her efforts that carry the exploration of form systems. It is the repetitions and the variations in the sequences that absorb her interest.IMG_3726

In the beginning the forms were distinct. There were simple curved platters and serene statue-like vase forms; almost traditional. In recent years, the forms touch upon the somewhat oblique. 

image015The field of exploration for Lone Skov Madsen’s ceramic practice lies in the border area between art and crafts with the vase, the jar and the tray as the most frequently occurring object categories.

She works in stoneware, coiling, cutting, applying raised surfaces and glazing with a matte finish.

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