My current work looks at emerging threats to the stability and functioning of our environment and the possible breakdown of the complex systems that maintain it.

Some of these built systems within our environment, for example the financial system, need reconstructing to work with completely new imperatives that include happiness and well being. Other evolved systems, such as our eco system, need preservation.

As a result much of my work is now installation based and activist orientated. I also use found materials, 2D imagery and text to create my work, occasionally some video and sound , but generally keeping working methods low tech and non wasteful. The work is backed up by research and ongoing networking with those at the forefront of their fields within earth sciences, economics and transition.

I continue to make the pod series that contain miniature scenes. These scenes are reminiscent of fairy tales or fables with their element of darkness and warning. An interest in sociology, psychology and ecology has shaped much of the work.

In my earlier work the forms were primarily made in clay an mixed media: wax, wire, latex and found objects. I used the egg form as my metaphorical blank canvas, making small and large forms, in boxes, on furniture or sewn up, closed and open and with a variety of interventions to the form. I also work directly with the human body through casting and 3D scanning.

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