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Mette Maya Gregersen earned her BA in Ceramics at Camberwell College of Arts in 1999 and an MA in Art Therapy at Sheffield University. She now lives and works in Denmark.

Her work is about the wave movement and how we relate to the distribution of its energy. Inspired by the way we move from one place to another, she aims to create structures that flow and develop in the same pattern as we grow and understand our own patterns in life. Her sculptural ceramics radiate the same energy and rhythms as the ephemeral waves she so successfully captures.Three Glazed Porcelain Waves 3.-kopi lo res

Gregersen works in two distinct ways: one is by making waves—both figuratively and actually. The other is a carefully delineated and measured construction technique. For waves, bamboo strips and other organic fibers achieve the complex curves and movement she seeks. Then wet stoneware is molded around these shapes. When the fibers burn away during firing, they leave behind a wave-like memory, a solid fragment of something fluid and ephemeral.

Her mastery of materials is clearly demonstrated by her ability to repeatedly glaze and fire a work until it speaks with the voice she requires.

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