Pille Kaleviste

Estonian artist Pille Kaleviste graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts in 2014 with a Master’s degree in ceramic art. She is a member of the Estonian Artist’s Association and the Estonian Ceramists Association, and her extensive output includes several solo shows in addition to multiple group shows and juried exhibitions in Estonia and internationally. Pille’s Works are represented in numerous public collections, including the Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design; Hanyang University, South Korea; Kerameikon World Ceramics Collection, Croatia and Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art centre, Latvia.

“I express myself through the simplicity of colour and pure form. The ceramic medium gives me the opportunity to combine free creativity with practical design. My main inspiration comes from the tactile satisfaction I derive from touching the ceramic material – the rustic properties of clay , the fragility of porcelain. Both elements challenge me to unite them and create new forms. I recognise the importance of material and form, but the idea and concept behind my work is of equal importance. Ceramic is an ancient art form, yet in our day and time, it opens up wonderful possibilities to talk in the language of contemporary art.”

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Pille Kaleviste​ is one of the artists involved in the Peripheries International Residency, part of EDGES, The Ceramic House – find out more