Standing Amulets for the Home and Garden copy

Amulet for the Garden and Home 5 copyRebecca Symons’s fantasy amulets are not intended for superstitious practices, they are an invitation to play, enjoy and escape.  By focusing on the exotic and weird in the natural world, she has achieved her fantasy aesthetic.  Made from Parian Porcelain, the body is textured using slip and coloured with a self developed silver glaze and red enamel, while copper, bronze and silver flowers decorate the tops of the amulets.

Although the designs are intended for fun and play, the history and use of amulets has inspired Symons to use the colour red.  Red, a colour of power, fire, good luck and the blood of Christ is commonly used in amulets.  Natural objects are commonly used as amulets rather than crafted pieces, which has inspired her to use precious metal clay on twigs.

Symons’s range includes standing and hanging pieces to decorate the home can be placed by a window or door to protect the home from external supernatural dangers. Amulet for the Body 9 copy

Rebecca Symons graduated from Brighton University in 2012.

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