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Remon_Jephcott_a_300[1] (2)The budgies have escaped from their cages, the flies and maggots are feasting on the ripe and rotting fruit.   A ceramic composition of objects that may have been seen on a table of the very feminine Victorian 5’O clock tea, here conveys the wider nature of women’s life during this era.  Remon_Jephcott_h_300[1] (2)Remon_Jephcott_c_300[1] (2)

Remon has symbolically explored the life of the Victorian lady within this ritualistic social event.  Not only is there a darker side to this work but also an element of fun; inviting the audience to find surprise and enjoyment in each piece.

Remon graduated from University College Falmouth with a BA in Contemporary Crafts in 2008, where she specialized in ceramics. In 2012 she gained a Masters degree in 20th Century Art & Design, History & Theories also at UCF.

Remon Jephcott’s website
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