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Ryan Hui Chun Kit, Graduated from the academy of Visual Art, Hong Kong Baptist University with a Bachelor degree in 2015. He formed his ceramic studio in the same year. He focus much of the effort in the creation and promotion of functional wares handcrafted in ceramics, based on a strong belief that the goodness in life can be appreciated through the making and usage of functional pottery. Since 2016, he has been actively teaching ceramics and holding exhibitions both locally and abroad. In 2019, has participated in Artist in residency Program by Ceramics Cultural Park in Shigaraki, Japan. He often work collaboratively with other professionals specialising in different fields including dessert chefs, tea masters and flora masters, in order to extend their creative boundary and broaden their audience range.



非黑非白》@Hong Kong TungYao Showroom

《“IN HARMONY: THE WAY OF TEA”》@Hong Kong Design Spectrum


《Living Stone》Succulent plant and pot exhibition @Hong Kong Parallel Space

《器以載道:中日茶具展》@Hong Kong Touch Ceramics

《余白》Toki Nashiki ceramics tableware exhibition  @Hong Kong Mount Zero Books

《土脈-Upon The Earth》@Hong Kong Giant Year Gallery

《當下》Hong Kong Artist group exhibition  @Taipei Letterpress Tea House

《碳烤哥吉拉佐茶》Hui Chun Kit、Li Cheng Liang group exhibition @Shigaraki Japaan Fugiki Gallery


《Claylaboration》Contemporary Ceramic Art Exhibition @Hong Kong Heritage Museum 「Competition of Tea Ware by HK Potters 2018」 @Hong Kong Museum of Tea Ware

《若無》Toki Nashiki solo exhibition @ Taipei Letterpress Tea House

《沒有人是一座孤島》@Taoxichuan Ceramic Art Avenue Gallery

《衝擊花器實驗室- Throwing! Thrwoing!》@Hong Kong wet market  museum

《海岸無界美術館青年藝術設計展 – 五感的覺醒》@Zhuhai Borderless Museum


《餐桌上的展覽-Exhibition on dining table》@Hong Kong ABS

《梨木製陶所新作展 – 藍墨茶》@Hong Kong ABS

《從土裡長出來的- Born from soil》@Guangzhou 103 Gallery

《Tea Time》@Kyoto Japan Kyoto 27 Gallery

《多雙筷》@Hong Kong Casphalt