Sander Raudsepp

Sander Raudsepp is a ceramic artist based in Saaremaa, Estonia. He graduated with an MA in ceramics from the Estonian Art Academy in 2017. H ehas been a member of the Estonian Ceramists Association since 2018.

Sander is mostly known for his intricately detailed ceramical sculptures. Each piece is like a still frame from a tale or a grinning character with a humorous back story.

He draws inspiration from inappropriate jokes, conspiracy theories, psychedelics, childhood misconseptions, life & death, religion and random thoughts.

Although as an artist Sander likes to build everything from clay; banal everyday objects like mousetraps and birdhouses, he is also deeply in love with wheel throwing techniques.

Under the cover of darkness, he likes to stroll the empty streets and write sketchy messages on the walls.


Sander Raudsepp​’s website

Sander Raudsepp​ is one of the artists in Peripheries, an exhibition of contemporary Estonian ceramics, part of EDGES, The Ceramic House – find out more