Sandy Brown resizedSandy Brown is internationally known as an influential figure in European and world ceramics.  Over 30 museums worldwide hold pieces of her work in their collections, including the Victoria and Albert Museum, London; World Ceramic Centre, Ichon, Korea; Winnipeg Art Gallery, Canada; Frankfurt Museum of Applied Arts, Germany etc.DSC_5093.cropped

She has been the subject of two major Arts-Council funded solo touring shows; and has had numerous shows in USA, Japan, Holland, Germany, South Africa and Australia.  She has been invited as a guest presenter at ceramic art Conferences in USA, UK, China and Australia, and to do residencies in China, Denmark,  Germany and Australia.Square Platter

Today it is hard to imagine the European ceramics scene without her.  She is famous for her spontaneous, passionate use of clay and colours. Her almost provokingly simple use of form and her strong energetic brush decorations feed from direct emotion, from confidence in her own intuition and a portion of childlike anarchy she preserved for herself.  Sandy Brown’s catalytic, liberating influence on European ceramics in the seventies and above all eighties must not be underestimated.  At a time when European ceramics threatened to get stuck between Asiatic ideals and local traditions, her impetuous, lustful approach to the material demonstrated exciting new possibilities.”

Gabi Dewald, Editor, writing in Keramik magazine, Germany.

Sandy Brown’s websitePlatter 4DSC_5162

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