Sarah Walton is a potter who lives and works in Alciston, near Lewes, East Sussex.She has run a pottery there since 1975 using a large oil-fired saltglaze kiln. She studied Fine Art at Chelsea from 1960-64 and Studio Pottery at Harrow from 1971-73. 

The English landscape is a theme in her work. She has walked, drawn and painted it since childhood and this lies behind her evolution of birdbaths which she has made since 1984. Her ceramics are represented in 13 museums in the UK and she has won 5 awards.

A Statement -‘ Working methods’

Lewes Station, Sussex, England: 1996 

Yesterday I sat waiting for a train at a local station and watched one of the attendants as he signalled trains to depart. I’ve observed him over the years, the spring in his walk, the economy of his movements, his relaxed but attentive ways. He dismisses trains with sensuous ease and whistles while he sweeps the stairs at night. In a sense, he is a model for how I try to work now, and even for what I make too. I took him for ordinary until I saw he is so individual.

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One thought on “Sarah Walton

  1. Delightful and a joy to witness.

    The poetic depths of the artist’s statement sums in a paragraph what any philosophical treatise would require thousands of pages…. IM in LOVE with her work !!!!

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