Sin:Ned aka Dennis WONG / WONG Chung Fai, is an improviser, experimentalist and noise addict from Hong Kong. He regards himself as a medium and his works manifest our hidden sonic aspects. His practice in noise and sound signifies an implicit form of mysticism in search of direct and pure physical sonic experience through chaos, errors and extremes. As an instrumentalist, he struggles to defy all existing rational and orthodox structures by pursuing a seemingly “meaningless, aimless and purpose-less” sonic existence. His instruments and materials range widely from Chapman Stick, guitar, laptop, hardware synths, circuit bent instruments, field recordings to various non-musical objects and devices. He is the co-founder of Re-Records, SECOND and the Hong Kong organizer of JOLT Festival; also founding member of experimental outfits No One Pulse, After Doom, adeo, underture and Archetype Ensemble. He is the ritualist behind home brew events such as Kill The Silence Festival, and live performance series NOISE to SIGNAL for improvised noise and experimental music.

Being a veteran writer of the legendary Hong Kong alternative music magazine MCB (Music Colony Bi-Weekly), his writings have influenced a wide spectrum of experimental musicians and listeners in Hong Kong and China. As a sound improviser, he has offered performance and creative work for concerts, sound installations, workshop, audio-visual and theatrical performance such as dotolimpic Festival, Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival, Around Sound Festival, Lacking Sound Festival, Hong Kong & Shenzhen Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture, Freespace Festival, New Vision Arts Festival and Architecture is Art Festival. 

His works have been featured in the infamous Belgium imprint Sub Rosa’s “An Anthology of Chinese Electronic Music” and “An Anthology of Noise & Electronic Music Vol. 7”.

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