Ceramic vases and silk-screen prints

This series of work is inspired by the diversity and playfulness of natural pattern on animal skin, and the animal’s protective capacity to blend in with its environment to confound the viewer. Simone Perrotte’s intention is therefore to create a dialogue between an object and its background, suggesting the presence of an unexpected creature hidden in the landscape of a dream. The rule of the game of making is simple: using the same principle of variation in repetition.

Simone_PerrotteThe moulding process allows her to cast simple “eggshells” of clay, which are then cut and assembled, evoking the way that a living body is made from the multiplication of cells. Cutting directly into coloured transfer paper gives her the possibility to create graphic patterns, freely improvising with the rhythm of the ceramic form to adorn it. Finally, similar to the moulding process, screen-printing is used as a “matrix” to reproduce an image on paper, but the changes of direction, colour, and layering allows her to recompose new variations of a theme. Moving from one medium to another, from a ceramic volume to a flat sheet of paper suggests new enriching visions and experiments.

Simone received her MA in Ceramics from the Royal College of Art in 2012.

Simone Perrotte’s website

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