imageThe vessels Tamar Rose makes are born of her fascination with dramatic forms in the built and natural environment. She is especially drawn to skylines and cityscapes where horizons and silhouettes present domes, minarets and towers. Similarly the drama of natural objects such as shells and animal skulls inspires her to make and record a moment in time.

image-2Tamar’s range of decorative pots draw on this imagery and build on her personal evolution as a maker. This has brought her from the Harrow tradition of thrown functional ceramics to her current collection of hand built decorative pieces.

She has always felt compelled to create in three dimensions – this has included forays into other mediums such as metal, felt and willow. Ultimately though, the plasticity and malleability of clay has offered her the most flexible material in which to realise her visions.image-1

Clay is Tamar’s sketchbook – each piece or collection of pieces is unique and part of her journey as a maker. She works in porcelain paper clay, using a combination of hand building techniques-rolling, impressing, sprigging and moulding. They are fired twice with a final lustre firing completing the alchemy.

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