works Turi Heisselberg Pedersen lowTuri Heisselberg Pedersen graduated from Kolding School of Design, Denmark in 1990. She lectured at Kolding School of Design from 1994 – 2007 and is co-founder of Exhibition Room for New Ceramics, Copenhagen.

With her departure in the tradition Turi has, all through her career, strived to develop the vessel as abstract form. The vessel as independent object, one might say.

Green fluted shape low THPShe says of her work

Working in clay is to me, connected with many underlying cultural bound references, but also strongly connected to nature.

My recent works are inspired by surfaces and colours in nature, geological structures, patterns of landscapes, plants and all the numerous shapes nature can provide. Out of this, works with organic, flowing forms or edged shapes have emerged with expressive surfaces, with relief or fluted structures. Working with rhythm, volume, movement and texture, I am aiming to create an emotional perception and visual reading of natural phenomena.”2 tall tuber shape low res THP

Turi is represented in museums and private collections worldwide, including Musée National de la Ceramique Sevrè, Paris and Le Musée Magnelli, Musée de la Ceramique, Vallauris. Turi has received Ole Haslunds Artists Grant, and in 2010 Le prix dans la section ’contenant’, XXIst International Biennal of Vallauris (BiCC) France. She has exhibited solo and in groups in museums and galleries including Galerie Maria Lund, Paris and J. Lohmann Gallery, New York. 

Turi Heisselberg Pedersen’s website

Group of tuber shapes low res THP

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