Vanessa studied 3D design at Bath Spa University and now works from her studio in Blandford Forum in Dorset. Her skilfully collapsed clay forms unite the hallmarks of beauty, indulgence and nostalgia with a subtle sense of humour and narrative.

“My collections are inspired by my surroundings; my 1930s studio, the countryside, the gorgeous old bits of design that I love to collect, the music I listen to, the books I read, the imaginary stories that all these things inspire… there are endless colours, ideas and feelings that and I could spend a lifetime attempting to communicate in the tricky medium of clay. I became obsessed with my signature cup form a long time ago, using it as a canvas for the never ending experiments with illustration and colour that keep my work constantly evolving, the same form, but always different.

My new collection ‘Magic Weather’ sprang from a music album by Alessi’s Ark and has wandered off in two directions; the ‘summer’ collection full of sunny shades, bright blooms and butterflies, and a ‘winter’ strand, with wild beasts and peaceful roses.

All of my work is ceramic and can be used but often people think it’s made from metal or paper. The gold and mother of pearl are precious metal lustres and the images are made of printed enamel fired onto the glaze.”

Vanessa Conyers’ website

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