Neither Increasing nor Decreasing – Xu Xinhua


Xu Xinhua 徐鑫桦

Artist Biography

Born in Tai Zhou City, Zhejiang Province, China.

Xu Xinhua gained his BA in 2006 and his MA in 2011 from The China Academy of Art, where is has been undertaking his PhD from 2017 – present.

Selected solo exhibitions:
2019: Light Born from Chaos, Zhejang Musem, Hangzhou
2018: Earth, Fire, Hand Sanshang Museum of Contemporary Art, Hangzhou
2013: The Truth is Unknown, San Mu International Art Centre, Beijing
2010: Return to The Peach Colony, West Lake Contemporary Art Museum, Hangzhou

1983 年出生,浙江台州人

教 育

2006 年毕业于中国美术学院,获学士学位
2011 年毕业于中国美术学院,获硕士学位
2017 年至今攻读中国美术学院博士学位

个 展

2019 年
2018 年
2013 年
三木国际艺术中心 798 艺术区 北京
2010 年
西湖当代美术馆 杭州|浙江

Artist Statement

“In the Buddha’s time, a monk group failed to gather and abandoned the practice of meditation in time, the Buddha showed up and beat ghanta to gather the public, and warning them to sing and speak in time. The ghanta then had assumed the functions of convening and giving orders in Buddhism.

In my opinion, ghanta’s voice symbolises measuring the origin, a thing or an event.

I respond to this symbolic meaning of ghanta with my work “Re-start”. The work requires that I destroy my ceramic works, smash and grind it to the size of salt, and eventually sprinkle it on a square table. The  installation is accompanied by the sound of breaking and damaging porcelain. Through the deafening destructive sound, the original porcelain has moved towards a new way of existence.”




Selected Buddhist Object from Chiddingstone Castle

01.1497 Ghanta (bell)

Ghanta (bell), bronze with inscription. Tibet, 18th century.

Height: 19.5cm, Width: 9cm

A ghanta bell would be held along with a vajra thunderbolt sceptre and used in rituals. It is one of the most important objects in Tibetan Buddhism. Together, the bell symbolises wisdom and female energy and the thunderbolt sceptre compassion and male energy. The sound of a bell is also believed to be a reminder that all things are impermanent and empty. Music plays an important part in Buddhist ritual – in the Buddhist collection at the Castle there are various types of horns, bells, and a drum. Music is one of the offerings presented to a Buddhist deity, along with water, food, incense, flowers, and light from candles or lamps.





Up Coming (voice)