Blackberry Hill Terrace
Stoneware ceramic and LED lighting
2.5 x 2.5m

In 2005 Kay was commissioned to create artworks for three courtyards in Blackberry Hill Hospital in Bristol. There are tiles recycled from two of the resulting courtyard artworks in this wall and bench. The 3D bobbly tiles along the face of the bench were originally destined for a water feature in Courtyard Two of the hospital. After carefully making a very complicated design over 6 months, Kay’s worst ever kiln disaster occurred when they all came out of the kiln flat instead of curved after the glaze firing! Finally she found a new use for them at The Ceramic House. The feature wall tiles were left over from Courtyard Six, which featured a continuous strip of tiles containing LED lights. There are two rows of tiles containing lights at the top and bottom of the wall feature.