Monica Tong’s practice focuses on the exploration of the relationship between forms, space and nature. Working in clay as a very earthy material is her way to feel grounded and connected to this ever-changing world. Her discoveries are often embodied within thrown and handbuilt objects. Through firing, glazing and eventually in their functional or sculptural setting, viewers often find the aesthetics of her work reflecting and embracing the wabi-sabi beauty of nature, mindfulness, and circles of life as visual poetry.


Having lived in China, New Zealand, Australia, the US and recently relocated to the UK, Monica’s creative process has always been heavily influenced by different cultures, natural environments and ways of living. Monica has exhibited her ceramic works in group shows and solo exhibitions in London, Shanghai, Los Angeles and Auckland. By bridging East and West in her artistic journey, she invites users to interact with her work on a daily basis and find resonance in their unique ways.