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Jane Holmberg graduated from Design School, Kolding in Denmark. Since 2001 she has lived in Copenhagen working in various studios. Between 2007 and 2010 she was part of DesignerZoo, an arts complex with studios, exhibitions and a shop showing Danish craft and design.

Jane works mostly in the lineage of the traditional Danish ceramic tradition, i.e. with everyday items like mugs, bowls, trays, vases etc.

grenvaser 002 copyHer work has a stringent and minimalistic expression and nature is an important source of inspiration. Precision and simple detail is the essence of her work which creates an idiom that is both classic and modern in its expression. Jane finds beauty in cutting to the bone, leaving the product to sparkle in its detail and nudity.

Jane Holmberg works with small production series, usually employing dyed slip cast porcelain. A recognisable series are the Tree Vases, which are moulded from natural branches and as such are small fragments of nature set in a functional context.

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Jane Holmberg low res

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