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Jessica Joslin’s interest in ceramics emerged from her unsophisticated and innocent love of clay. As a child, lingering in the workshop of her parent’s remote cabin, tucked away in the New Forest, she handled and adored clay. Here her passion and artistic fervor were cultivated and later honed at Camberwell College of Arts.06_CCA_jessica 006

Her work incorporates a fondness for the charm of traditional ceramic ware into an exploration of ornamentation, to create unique handmade plates. Her designs combine the elegance and simplicity of this bespoke craft, with a sense of humor, to produce stylish decorative objects.

Interested in the idea of functional ceramics, Jess unashamedly plays with this notion. Their very decorativeness is becoming a theme of her work. After graduating, she has started her own studio in London called jessjos. Her work has been shown internationally in Anthropology Gallery, New York, Chateau Saincrit, Bordeaux and is currently on show at Kensington Palace.

Jessica Joslin’s website

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