IMG_5651 copyIn 2012 Landon Peck completed his BA in Ceramics, with First Class Honours, at the University of Westminster, after moving away from a background and career in digital design._DSC8068b copy

Essentially, his work is a product of his preoccupation with the metamorphic process. By exploiting the chemical and structural elements of the ceramic medium he seeks to create a synthetic response to his observations of the relationship between biological and psychological transformation. It is this experimentation with the anatomy and architecture of the fired artefact that mostly captures his imagination, and which reminds him of the frailty of the human form and condition. His visual and conceptual references predominantly addresses the subject of our corporeality, and often attempts to expose a beauty within what is generally considered as repulsive and unpleasant.IMG_5655 copy

He is currently doing his Masters in Ceramics & Glass at the Royal College of Art.

Landon Peck’s website_DSC8071b copy_DSC8058 copy

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