IMG_5761 copyMelanie Roseveare takes antique or vintage ceramics, long forgotten and gathering dust, and breathes new life into them by adding vintage images and modern motifs to complement and contrast the original designs.  Melanie uses both screen printed and digitally produced decals inspired by the surreal and the sublime to transform.  Working under the design name Melody Rose, she focusses on three key themes; Urban Nature, Modern Surrealism and Rock and Roll.  IMG_3279Skull cup saucer side gold

IMG_5758 copyMelanie Roseveare, born in Canada, lives and works in north west London.   She creates ceramics which are small and affordable works of art, but also entirely functional and can be used every day.  Since launching her collection of upcycled ceramics in 2011, her work has been in shows in London and internationally including being sold through the Art Gallery of New South Wales in Sidney, Australia and the Royal National Theatre in London.

Melanie Roseveare’s website

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