24. Sandy Lockwood - 'Black and White Pair' - woodfired saltglazed stoneware and porcelain 2014 resizedSandy Lockwood has been working with clay, woodfiring and specializing in salt glazing for 34 years and has work in permanent collections all over the world.

Born in London, Sandy Lockwood moved to Australia as a child. She lives in the southern highlands of New South Wales, half way between Sydney and Canberra in the ‘Bush’, where she and her husband built their house out of mudbricks. Her studio has grown over the years and now has three wood kilns, two gas kilns and a small gallery. Sandy teaches workshops from there as well as being a part time lecturer at the National Art School in Sydney. Currently she is undertaking further ceramic research for a Doctorate of Creative Arts at Wollongong University.20. Sandy Lockwood - 'Stand and Two' - woodfired saltglazed porcelain and stoneware 2014 resized

Sandy’s words on contrast:

We know the world through contrast. We identify things in contrast to their surroundings. Contrast adds interest to our lives. Contrast in different environments helps us see things in different ways. We can see new relationships and see familiar things ’anew’. The work you see is the result of my continued exploration of contrast through dark and light, rough and smooth, refined and earthy. We would be lost without these opposites. Engaging with contrast is part of being human. Our response to contrast speaks of our humanity.

Sandy Lockwood’s website14. Sandy Lockwood - 'Oval Platter' - Black stoneware clay - wood fired and salt glazed - 2014 resized

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